Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It’s another year, another date on the calendar, and yet, it marks a new beginning.

A beginning, for I have died and been born again. I faced my survival even as this year was ushered in just twelve months ago.

I’m the voice who has cried and screamed in anguish, shouting for changing. It was my voice that took to the streets, that moved mountains which obstructed the view of freedom and toppled them to set my fellowmen free.

I’m the form that bore the bloodshed, through the regime of change. Battles were won, battles were lost but the war ain’t over yet.

I’m the conscience that reeled under severity. I’m the one who has sought a life not marked by the sign of coinage. I seek to renounce materialism.

I’m the vigour that raged through the blood of my fellowmen, seeking what is justly theirs, tired of ignoring the same charades that drove their lives. I choose to take the reins in my hands.

I’m the being at the receiving end of nature’s fury. I have battled the high waters, the shaking grounds and have been wounded by my own creations. I have been reminded of my own mortality.

I’m the entity who has grieved and rejoiced jointly, as the cycle of life and death culminated before my eyes every moment, every day. The influential have risen, the once powerful met their demise. I have been witness to it all.

I’m the medium, of ecstatic joy and desolate sorrow. Of everlasting hope and never-ending despair. Of the sheer belief in new beginnings and of the cynicism of an endless void. I was the old year...I will be the new year.

I am...humanity. Man. Life.


Certainly this post speaks of the major events of this year, though a give away would be that most of them are concerned with world affairs (what with my favourite channel being BBC World News, no kidding) Play the guessing game with me and tell me which paragraph speaks of which event? But, but, I won't be able to answer right away for I'll be off, owing to my forthcoming exams and limited connectivity. Still give it a shot anyway?

To the bloggers and all my other readers, a very Happy New Year in advance. May the new year bring health, happiness and fulfillment to you all. Thank you for sticking by, for making me feel so loved. I shall see you in 2012 now. Ciao!


  1. hey Rose.. there is always a strange mystique in your words. i must say this was well written and idea was a crafty one too..!!! best of luck for your exams.. hope you do it well and yup.. see you next year :)
    Happy new year in advance :)

  2. Rose,

    A real thought provoking post analysing the year gone by. Very well worded.

    Take care

  3. Supernick: 'Mystique', eh? Of course. See you next year. :)

    Jack: Thank you for reading. :)

  4. Very well written.Happy New Year in advance!!

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  5. google's zeitgeist had something similar..

  6. Beautifully penned! Have a wonderful year ahead!

  7. Fashionista: Thank you. :)

    xyzandme: I didn't even know there was something called Google Zeitgeist till you mentioned, you know. ^^

    Rahul Bhatia: Thank you. Have a wonderful year ahead. :)


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