Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It’s another year, another date on the calendar, and yet, it marks a new beginning.

A beginning, for I have died and been born again. I faced my survival even as this year was ushered in just twelve months ago.

I’m the voice who has cried and screamed in anguish, shouting for changing. It was my voice that took to the streets, that moved mountains which obstructed the view of freedom and toppled them to set my fellowmen free.

I’m the form that bore the bloodshed, through the regime of change. Battles were won, battles were lost but the war ain’t over yet.

I’m the conscience that reeled under severity. I’m the one who has sought a life not marked by the sign of coinage. I seek to renounce materialism.

I’m the vigour that raged through the blood of my fellowmen, seeking what is justly theirs, tired of ignoring the same charades that drove their lives. I choose to take the reins in my hands.

I’m the being at the receiving end of nature’s fury. I have battled the high waters, the shaking grounds and have been wounded by my own creations. I have been reminded of my own mortality.

I’m the entity who has grieved and rejoiced jointly, as the cycle of life and death culminated before my eyes every moment, every day. The influential have risen, the once powerful met their demise. I have been witness to it all.

I’m the medium, of ecstatic joy and desolate sorrow. Of everlasting hope and never-ending despair. Of the sheer belief in new beginnings and of the cynicism of an endless void. I was the old year...I will be the new year.

I am...humanity. Man. Life.


Certainly this post speaks of the major events of this year, though a give away would be that most of them are concerned with world affairs (what with my favourite channel being BBC World News, no kidding) Play the guessing game with me and tell me which paragraph speaks of which event? But, but, I won't be able to answer right away for I'll be off, owing to my forthcoming exams and limited connectivity. Still give it a shot anyway?

To the bloggers and all my other readers, a very Happy New Year in advance. May the new year bring health, happiness and fulfillment to you all. Thank you for sticking by, for making me feel so loved. I shall see you in 2012 now. Ciao!

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Heartfelt Letter

I set myself the task to write you something...and I draw blanks.

Not what you would expect of me, right? I’m never at a loss for words, whether it is one of the usual lectures or the sage-like comments on your doings or even when we’re up discussing just about everything and everyone affecting (or not affecting) our lives. I was the more expressive one, even if not generous with compliments and praises (but critique, sure enough) the way you are.

Six years...no, more than that, and I never wrote a letter to you; a characteristic of my close relationships.

Despite our friendship being the most conventional kind, a fallback anchor which only strengthened during the years, it was always a touch different. Together and yet separate. Bonded and yet apart. A presumption we both carried that the other will be there when needed as we went about our different lives.

A distance which will only grow further. Time flew by so quickly, didn’t it? Just yesterday, we were two inquisitive, somewhat naive sixth graders, having made our acquaintance in circumstances I don’t even recall any longer - only that we wouldn’t have even thought of becoming good friends, so different we were. I was the typical student, mindful of her performance at every turn and a touch grownup for her age; you, on the other hand, into everything that was teenage. We are no less different now, except we are too used to complementing each other to break out of the comfort zone that took some effort establishing.

I’m digressing...surely you know all of that. What should I write about then? About how we have never fought, like typical friends do, choosing to ignore the difference of opinion altogether? Or how we would be the first to tell each other of any recent development (including well-kept secrets that are not supposed to be revealed to anyone, but of course, we must tell one another)? Or how we can always count on each other’s company when the whole world has deserted us and we have no one to turn to? The list goes on...these six years of friendship have been too eventful to recount every detail. We know it, we know it too well. It is what forms the base of our mutual understanding that needs no words.

Perhaps I took that maxim a bit too far, to the extent that I never acknowledged it properly. And this is the purpose of this write-up, the first letter that I have coined for you and it shall speak only of gratitude, my friend. You were the silent figure, staying in shadows behind my back while I chased the illusionary charms of the world; only stepping forward into the picture either to hoist me up further in success or to lift me from the spiralling despair I fell victim to, more often than not. I have had my share of dealing with acquaintances and friends as well and yet, did I not always depend on you, for everything?

You are the only friend I see as an equal. A refuge, a recourse, a support – never judging, never asking. Over the years, whatever little influence I could bring in your life was noticed and talked about, and yet, do not people see, that you held me from falling apart, alone and miserable? That you are one person I can rightfully ask to do anything, knowing I’ll never be turned down? Your friendship is invaluable to me, my friend. The ‘honour’ which I so seek after in any relation, in your case, it is how you helped me to be myself above everything.

On this very special day, I pray that you may do all that you wished for, achieve all that your heart has always been set on. I pray that you may remain the way you are – caring and looking after others, in that nonchalant way of yours. I seek to believe that we will remain friends for as long as live. For my destiny leads me to deem that this association of ours surpasses lifetimes.

Here’s to a year of new beginnings. Many happy returns of the day, my dear friend.

-Truly yours.


For the wonderful writer at ♡♥♪ჱL!fe Thr()ugh My Eyes♡♥♪ჱ,  without whom I wouldn't have been here, if you haven't guessed it already, this is for you, Juhi. The letter says it all, doesn't it?

Happy birthday! Have a wonderful year ahead! :D

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bloom Of Curse - II

The blossoms surround me yet again as I walk towards the cherry tree. Light pink merging with earth brown to create the illusion that is, as I realise lately, a trademark of your powers. It fills my vision as I stand still, awaiting. Chills prick my skin in anticipation of your next move. I’m on my edge, feeling, sensing the slightest of change that could cause my undoing.

As usual you take me by surprise, capable as you are at stealth. With a flourish you appear, looking down at your slave, held captive by the roots of the cherry tree.

I do not back down from your merciless gaze. I’m not afraid…I never was. My history with divination has allowed me, above all, to predict my own death.

How I long to lie in your arms and breathe my last, disregarding your hand coated with my blood; the hand that could so easily tear me apart like a spear…

In the dead of the night, the sky resounded with thunder and lightening. Rain poured over the unsuspecting city. She woke up to the storm pounding at her windows. In a single, fluid movement, she hoisted herself from the bed and walked over to the balcony. The doors were flung open and she was soaked within minutes. Retreating to the humid comfort of her room, she absently lit a cigarette, mindlessly gazing into the pale countenance and the hollow eyes of her reflection in the mirror as she smoked. The steady gaze belied the turbulent sentiments that tore through her.

She had every reason to rage at herself. Ten years on and the ruminants of that terrible night still haunted her enough to lose her sleep. Deliberately, she took off her damp shirt, revealing a long, ragged scar across her right shoulder and whip like marks on the base of her neck. Her eyes closed in anguish as she recalled the asphyxiating pain that shot through her body, as she wriggled vainly to free herself of the vice-like grip of the cherry branches. The plain black and white talismans, knife-sharp, sliced her arms at multiple places. The feeling of being stabbed as she mistakenly cut through her shoulder to free herself of the chains… She retained the scars of that incident, both physical and emotional. Wearing full-sleeved robes that covered her extremities was all she could do to hide the apparent signs of that encounter, but it besieged her like a vulture which circles endlessly to capture its prey.

The battle was unfinished. In the haze that rose from her now neglected cigarette, her eyes gleamed with a feeling unknown to her till that day – vengeance. As she began to dress, casting aside the lingering thoughts of sleep, she could smell the faint fragrance of the blossoms wafting through the clammy air. She smiled grimly; she wasn’t the only one who was awake at this ungodly hour.

He was waiting for her. Both of them didn’t like to leave a story incomplete.

With a callous satisfaction, she tucked the sword inside her coat and left. The rendezvous was arranged – without either speaking a word. 

(To be continued)

How I wish I could be less erratic, but the annoying school and even more annoying studies - so much for sustained creativity. *sighs* 

This irregularity shall remain for now, that is all I can say.