Friday, May 20, 2011

A Fangirl's Wishlist

My Five Favourite Anime Characters:

Well, it is but obvious that this list is purely personal. I’m not the typical anime otaku whom you can find by the dozen. Suffice it to say that I’m not acquainted with a wide array of genres that Japanese anime/manga typically consist of, no, not even the most popular ones like Naruto and Sailor Moon (although Bleach is definitely one of my favourites) So, without much ado, I present the characters which have charmed the fangirl within me. Needless to say, they are quite popular with the ladies themselves.

5. Byakuya Kuchiki – Bleach

I can see how people have already begun to question my taste.

No, Bleach is hardly for the characters with adequately normal features, the humans notwithstanding. If I were to think of this anime, the suave, elegant but stoic captain of Sixth Division comes to my mind first. I think it has to do more with the cherry blossoms that surround him perpetually, courtesy his zanpaktou Senbonzakura. For the uninitiated, it is his magical sword that dissolves into thousands of cherry blossoms on command. The way Byakuya carries himself - the epitome of nobility, the unique combination of strength and grace, coupled with his stern nature – it is enough to melt the heart of the most taciturn lady. Of course, his spirited fight with Ichigo (who, surprisingly, doesn’t feature on this list) still remains as one of my most favourite episodes.

Not that the man’s without any emotion – the enigma regarding his own feelings acted as an appealing factor in the earlier stages of his introduction. One might be appalled by the ruthlessness with which he chose to act with Rukia, but in the end, he was a poor, confused darling like the rest of the cast themselves. Even that guilt of almost killing his sister and his devotion to his deceased wife Hisana adds to his charisma. No, despondency is the last thing you will find in him and that is what makes him so lovable.

4. Syaoran – Tsubasa Chronicle Reservoir

Oh, what would I not give to be the Sakura in his arms...

Ahem, I might as well keep my fantasies aside, for Syaoran’s not the kind to leave his lady love behind for anyone. He would rather kill me for making such a suggestion. (now that’s an exaggeration too, for the poor thing won’t hurt anyone without a reason)

That is what I like about Tsubasa’s (my first anime) protagonist, fierce loyalty right down to every fibre of his being.

Any woman would give all her heart and soul to find someone like Syaoran. Caring, protective, self-righteous – all he cares about through the course of the plot-line is to give Sakura back her memories. Steadfast in his resolve and his affections too, he would kill and be killed himself to protect the one he loves. Where do you find such men nowadays? Although there’s a major drawback to him, considering how he is more defined by his overbearing concern for others than for himself. But the selflessness you get to see is refreshing.

I like this soft-spoken, brave young man much better than his counterpart in Cardcaptor Sakura. Syaoran Li was in a league of his own, but the tsundere act does not go down too well with me.

3. Roy Mustang – Fullmetal Alchemist

Aha, Flame Alchemy, anyone? I wonder how he would make for a husband. Would he go around, burning the whole house down with a snap of his fingers, I suppose?

Riza Hawkeye has a lot to consider even before saying yes to him, but of course, he won’t let any harm come to his precious Lieutenant.

Yes, another very loyal, very dedicated man. Although he’s arrogant and seems unruffled by sentiments (like typical men usually do), he does have a heart, and on height of intense emotion (usually rage provoked by injustice) he can be ruthless in killing – he has flames dancing on his fingertips which reduce enemies to drifting dust. His valour and confidence as a ranking military official (he’s a Colonel, after all, and an alchemist on top of that) reeks of classic masculinity and it is no wonder why girls lose their hearts to this charming man (otherwise very much prone to flirtatious and bordering on the licentious behaviour) who can protect them in times of turmoil – once determined, he will stop at nothing. It is Mustang who defines FMA, over and above the Elric brothers and the seven Homunculi.

2. Len Tsukimori – La Corda D’oro and Seiichi Yukimura – Prince of Tennis

Surprise, surprise, there’s a tie. I was going to make it three characters by adding the hugely popular Kunimitsu Tezuka from Prince of Tennis but two things – I don’t like him that much and I’m in rivalry with a dear friend of mine who simply happens to adore him, while demeaning my character. Oh well, random things aside, I might as well remind my readers that this list follows all the characters I was obsessed with, so do not question my taste. I know what they look like without sparing them an intensive scrutiny.

Len, oh Len. He was the only shining gem in the shoddy work that La Corda D’oro turned out to be. What with his virtuoso status when it came to the violin and his good looks (the blue hair, well, doesn’t make a difference when it comes to animation but my, his amber eyes are worth it), not to mention his aloof demeanour – he made the girls swoon for him, albeit not so obviously like Yunoki does, both in the La Corda verse and perhaps in real life too. His violin-playing took my breath away and while he was not so likable for being disdaining and curt, his subtle affection towards Kahoko (damn that girl for being to entice seven men altogether) of course appeals to every fan girl. Yes, he could be very well counted in the league of well-to-do, refined gentlemen who tenaciously pursue their ambitions and make sure others pursue theirs too (his inspirational mentorship to Kahoko, anyone?) Now only if he would smile a little and drop that contemptuous attitude...

Next comes the Child of God, namely Yukimura. The elusive Rikkai captain from Prince of Tennis has had very little screen time compared to others, and not much is known about him except his long-drawn battle with his fragile health which keeps him out of action for most of the series, save for Nationals. However it is that mystery which adds to his charm – which could be considered on the surface, for the gentle Yukimura may smile a lot, but he is merciless on the tennis courts, stripping the opponents of all their senses. It is not shown how he came to be this strong and therefore his demigod stature – again, a very persistent, determined leader who will go to any length to ensure success. I could never figure out as to why I was so fascinated by this enigmatic character, but that characteristic in itself provides all the reasoning, I suppose. As for his looks...haven’t you seen that all of them till now look decently human? For the acquainted, be glad that I didn’t include Ulquiorra Schiffer in this list, never mind my obsession with the Fourth Espada and his tear-streaked face.

1. Fuji Shusuke – Prince of Tennis

I say without using any hyperbole – I indeed did fall in love with this genius.

Of course, those who saw Prince of Tennis on my list must have guessed Fuji to obviously be there. Why do you think I’m not too fond of Tezuka?

Right from his startlingly blue eyes (which he rarely reveals) to his law-defying Triple Counters to the vengeful streak that leads him to exacting revenge by delivering humiliating defeats to his opponents (who have caused harm to his friends) on the tennis courts and not to forget, his overwhelming potential which he often keeps at bay and plays at the edge, just so he could challenge himself and the others – Fuji Shusuke is by far the most intriguing, complex character; being a member of the illustrious Seigaku team and yet managing to remain shrouded in a cloak of mystery. He is defined by his recklessness as a tennis player, his unspoken friendship with Tezuka, his fragile relationship with his brother Yuuta: it is evident that he is a person who intertwines both feelings and perception into a game so fine, it’s a delight to watch him play, the passion for tennis overriding everything, even the matters of victories and failures. One would want him to overpower his nemesis – Tezuka, Shiraishi; not many to name – but he never does so. And one can only wonder how his match with Ryoma Echizen would have ended, if allowed to be completed. If nothing else, he never lets anyone predict his movements even a little, a trait made irresistible by his angelic appearance.

Constantly misinterpreted to be sadistic in the fandom (which I believe is an attribute that belongs more to Yukimura than him) Fuji is definitely not the kind to torment anyone unless rightly called for, his pranks notwithstanding. He still gives tough competition to the likes of Atobe and Kirihara.


A common trait shared by these six? All of them are persistent and have quite the nerve. 

Perseverance and courage – aren’t these the qualities one looks for in a man?

Ah well, much as captivating these might be, they’re not real, sigh.

There, that ends my wish-list. Of course, a lot many can be included – Uryuu Ishida from Bleach, Shinichi Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile, Takumi Usui from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! and so on and so forth, but if I were to do that, it would require me to have a separate list for every anime, considering the bulk of the cast. That project shall be undertaken sometime later, for now I’m simply content with these six characters after whom I have spent many hours hunting for wallpapers while reading up all the fanfiction I could possibly find. Thank you for bearing with me till now.


  1. A well-written list! O_O" I'll try and make one too. xD But since I'm busy cleaning my room, it definitely will take some time. =D

    Ahaha~ I should draw you a Fuji fanart when I have time (and when my tablet gets the urge to cooperate ='D). ^^

  2. Do make one then! And it's but obvious who will top that list. ;D

    As for the fanart, well, I'll be flattered. Thank you. :)


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