Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ramblings Of Boring Romanticism - II

First Impression: Looks kill, but so does ugliness.

Well, to my dear readers who didn’t quite grasp the intentions behind this write-up, let me be kind enough to detail it. I shall proceed to dissect ‘romanticism’ step by step and I believe you all will find yourself belonging to one stage or the other.

If you don’t, then I hardly think you belong to a race called man or homo sapiens (for the intellectuals; what did you think I was a mere layman, correction, laywoman?)

I shall presume that the subject I’m discussing is not rocket science that requires in-depth explanations, so I shall take the liberty to start straight away.

The title says it all: the first ‘stage’ of love – appearances.

Majority of people still consider looks as the most important thing – whether it be something as trite as off-hand judgements or something as important as choosing your life-partners. Looks call the shots, they say. And need I quote the oh so familiar ‘Prince Charming’ for all those lovely ladies and would be ladies have their eyes set out for, or the drop-dead gorgeous woman of the moment for those eager gentlemen and boys? (dare I say rakes, for them, there remains no such coveted woman, those fickle creatures)

Where does ‘love’ come into this, I hear you ask? Why, of course, my dears, it is already there! People ‘fall in love’ with people who are so beautiful, or handsome – this condition afflicts all ages (well, at least till you’re sane) and our eyes are trained to immediately discern beauty and ugliness in any populated place.

Still want examples? Haven’t you seen those teenage girls (I’m not one of them, mind you!) drooling over film actors or those boys (I’m not defining the age here) ogling those living mannequins walking down the streets?  

No, we women are no less guilty. But, but, we can be subtle!

The identification is done. Now comes the reasoning and logic.

Well, might I say that the phenomenon of falling for looks is something everyone understands?

A part of being in love is being wanted, and that is where all the trouble begins. For how wanted you might be, would be pretty evident from your stunning partner. Not to mention your own looks. “Oh my god, how lucky! She’s with what’s-his-name, he is simply so handsome! I would die to be in her place!” This, is for the girls and you should be familiar with these refrains. Otherwise, you are, I’m afraid, not normal.

As for the boys, I…don’t think I’m authorised to bring in any references to what usually goes on in their heads. Suit yourself, my boys.

Looks, as it is known, are temporary. You just might lose them with time, or God forbid, in an accident or an illness. If your oh so good looking ‘partner’ just might cease to be as appealing as he/she currently is, would you desert your ‘love’ and your partner altogether?

Need I answer this question? It’s evident; you must have been through it.

Thus, this culminates the first, headlong stage of love. Beautiful, stunning girls, dashing, handsome men – the world literally revolves around people who are good looking. As for the ugly ducklings, the poor things are simply condemned to a life of solitude. Would I call this kind of love interesting? Ah, forget about it. I haven’t managed to find the love of my life despite my not so bad looks so I wonder for those blissfully ignorant people, sigh.

A penny for your thoughts? I'm anticipating more clarifications.^^ 


  1. Rose,

    Let me first clarify my comment in previous post. All I meant was that emotion of love can be understood only by experience and no amount of words can make one understand. Thanks for telling that it was satirical take on Romance. Well, on this one. It is true that one likes to get introduced to or meet who is easy on eyes in most of the cases. However there are instances where one gets attracted because of behaviour of other. Further what happens depends upon both.

    Take care

    1. Yes there are instances, but this is just one of the many ways people fall in love. And really, a clarification wasn't required - I'm also of the opinion that love is known by experience. Thank you for reading.

  2. Can't disagree, cannot agree more either. You've got a whole valid writeup to support your point, and it is flatteringly true.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. My, your words in itself are flattering to this humble person! Thank you for reading. :)

  3. I thought the era of romanticism was long gone… but
    well..well.. got to have a second look from now on
    First impression do matter, like we say, well begun is half done… but the other half?? that’s the tough question :P to ansr

    1. The form may have changed but I believe majority of us are romantic at heart. That doesn't change.

      Thank you for reading.

  4. From what I understand from my limited experience with the world, love is something that it is extremely individual. What might be beautiful to me might not be so to another... Sometimes the beauty plays a huge part in the relationship, sometimes we learn to look beyond the beauty with time and sometimes, we hardly notice anything but the soul which is a million times more exquisite than physical beauty can ever hope to be.
    Good one :)

    1. What you say is true, but what I'm trying to do here is differentiate between various forms of love. This is just one of those and in no way do I claim it to apply to everyone. Yes, falling in love is an unique experience but the bases are more or less the same.

      Thank you for reading. :)


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