Sunday, January 22, 2012


You were always there, standing
Not by my side, but behind
Lurking in shadows, lest
You come in my way.
Even though I was never fulfilled,
Going further and further, in vain
Seeking to be completed.
Yet did you not ever think
Of making me realize
That what I sought was so ephemeral,
Fading at the slightest touch.
How foolish I am, despite
Crawling back to your embrace every night;
You were my own to call, my very refuge,
Always reminding me of the knowledge
Not yet turned to wisdom: I am nothing
And will return to nothingness.
Till the journey ends, you shall remain.
For even if I may call the shots
As the illusion fades, I will be
Just another creation, another lifetime.


  1. great ... interesting... loved by everyone yet so alone :)

    Weakest Link

  2. Crawling back to he embrace, crawling back to nothingness.. Loved the way you wrote it. It was deep. The picture went with the writing totally :)

  3. Rachit: Thank you for reading. :)

    Juhi: It took me more time to find the picture than to write the whole thing. ^^

  4. Rose,

    Read 4 pending post now. Unfulfilled Wishes is very touching. Flight of Volition brought out realities in thinking. This one shows acknowledgement of someone's selfless love. Loved reading all.

    Take care

  5. The way you've described the essence of your life in your wonderful poetic lines was charismatic. I am nothing and will turn to nothingness - these was a beautiful line, which i think is very true.

  6. Jack: I like how you see this, although this was meant to be more of a dialogue with oneself. Thank you for reading. :)

    Elvirah: That is very flattering indeed. And that line is certainly a truth I've stumbled upon lately. Thank you for dropping by. :)


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