Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Threads Of Fate

What is it that I share with you?
 What is it that binds us together?
 In a relation, ever so uncertain, ever so tentative?
 It’s more than love I feel; it’s more than affection I feel,
 Your pure and gentle self, hidden behind a veil is what pulls me,
 To reach that unimaginable zenith, of something that is beyond
 The realms of this constricting world, the mortal chains of time.
 With you I fly, to that place, ever so desired,
 At this point, nothing matters to me
 Than the fact that I’m with you,
 Relations wither like flowers with time,
 But this moment is infinite, is eternal,
 We are together; nothing can change it
This moment of absolute love, that remains
 Engraved in our hearts, for as long as we live…


Praises or barbs, you are welcome to speak your mind.