Friday, February 24, 2012

Castle Of Hope

“I hope I won’t lose my heart in this game of gamble called love.”

She sits by the dormroom window, wondering.

Daydreaming is a luxury she cannot afford. Pending assignments and reports, daily studying already lagging behind…yet she doesn’t care.

(After all, caffeine is always there to rescue her.)

But the thought, the nagging feeling doesn’t go away.

She’s had her share of falling for people. More than experiencing the bliss and the pleasures of being in a relationship, it was insecurity and despair and admittedly, envy.

Having one’s heart broken is enough to lose faith in love. Still, people persist, even for their entire lives, either going to finally find someone or being left alone.

She’s one of them. And she won’t end up alone. It is her belief, her solace that will someday turn into reality.

What is the harm in dreaming?

Maybe being a writer by hobby does make one romantic…perhaps foolishly so. But then again, isn’t it the hope, the desire of loving and being loved by someone is what adds a certain essence to those otherwise ordinary words?

Sometimes, the mere prospect of such a future is enough.

And that is why, even with a love life that is alive one moment, dead the next, she will keep hoping. She will look forward to playing the game called love.

Even if it meant losing her heart. For eventually, love is nothing without surrender.

“I’d lose anytime. But, if I believe that I can do it, then I can do it.”


Written for my dear friend (and once writing colleague) Terry-May, who is and shall be my first overseas friend. Happy Birthday, Terry! I sincerely hope you like this. 

With this, I embark on a month-long hiatus. Shall be back once I'm done with the Boards. Till then, ciao! 


  1. Good luck for ur exams...come back soon...

  2. Nice one!! All the best for your Boards!

  3. good read.. best of luck for your boards.. :)

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  4. Hey Rose.. The Overlord has chosen you..!!! Check my space to know more :) and yup.. All the best for your exams..!!

  5. Beautiful! All the best for your exams. Following you:)

  6. I wish you luck Rose, may you bloom in academia like an eternal Rose :)

    And, the post is good, because you seldom lose something when you are ready to lose it. It comes back.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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