Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love In Anonymity

“Did I not say...”

“Say what?”

“Three words: I love you.”

A laugh. “How clichéd.”

“I believe in being simple.”

“Of course.”

A smile, a sigh. She leans over, kissing him softly.

“I love you too.”


His eyes snap open. The intensity of the dream (dream, memory?) leaves him breathless.

It’s you again. Why?

He gets up from the bed and goes to the windows. Eyes closed against the streaming sunlight, he leans against the window sill. Quiet, still...he can feel her, wrapping her arms around his torso as he burrows his face into her shoulders, drinking in the musky, sweet smell of hers. Her skin tingling under his light touches...she looks up, eyes sparkling, dark hair dangling around her swan-like neck and petite ears. Her face mere inches from his, leaning in to kiss him, savour him...melting into him, becoming one...

The shrill sound of his phone ringing startles him from his reverie.

Disconcerted, he staggers across the room to grab his phone. Unmindful of who is calling, he simply answers the call, pressing the receiver to his ear. Déjà vu hits him...the melodious, playful voice at the other end takes his breath away yet again.

“Darling, you were dreaming about me, weren’t you?”

He drops to his knees, suddenly overwhelmed. Clutching at the phone, he rasps, voice choked with emotion. “Who else would it be, my sweet? Who else would it be?”

“Still as sentimental as ever. When will you learn?”

He sighs, unable to vanquish the torrent of emotions, released at the mere sound of her. “My know that’s how I’m. Where are you? Come back to me, please.”

“Would I now, seeing as to how you are begging for dear life?”

He goes quiet, wondering wildly as to how he could ever fall in love with a probable sadist... He glances at her portrait, her beautiful face revealing no more than her voice. He searches for meaning in those deep, frozen eyes...and finds only mystery.

“Go away! Stop it...stop torturing me!” He is surprised at his own words.

The phone clicks and the haunting voice is gone. He curls up against the floor, quietly crying, loathing himself for being so weak. The door opens with a barely audible creak; footsteps resounding throughout the room.

A gasp, an indrawn breath. Air heavy with perfume...that unmistakable fragrance. A soft hand reaching out to caress him.

He turns to find her looking at him concernedly and realises that the circle never ends. It goes on...infinitely so.


Where are all my readers? A writer cannot improve without proper feedback, you know!


  1. A REAL ADDICITON. Hmmm.. Sometimes it is confusing whether Love is greater or addiciton...
    Loved it!

  2. The circle never ends!!Aptly summarized..

  3. Okay.. this was really very good!
    It's something different from what you usually write :) Delhi did some freshening up, huh? :P

    I loved it :) Short and descriptive :)

  4. Red Handed: It's a dilemma even the best of the lot fall for. Thank you for reading. :)

    Rahul Bhatia: Honestly, I wasn't even thinking when I wrote. Thank you anyway.

    Juhi: I wrote it back home, dear. Places do not affect my writing style. ;D-

  5. Rose,

    Read 3 pending posts. These have been so engrossing. And RELAX. Do not worry about who read or not, just go on writing as you will surely have many persons who will appreciate your style in due course of time.

    Take care

  6. Jack: All right, I shall back down and wait for that day. ^^ Thank you so much. :)

  7. Rose,

    No new post? Hope all is well. No visit to my space also.

    Take care


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