Monday, October 31, 2011

Entwined Hopes - Part II

In that moment, time stood still.

When I…saw you, facing me, it was as if nothing else existed in that moment…

…Apart from you and me.

I gave nothing away, as I walked towards you, each step resounding with the caution of my impassive demeanour. There was…so much I could do. I could have ran towards you, demanded, asked a thousand questions of you, take you into a heartrending embrace, never to let go.

But I did nothing of it, except pouring all the intensity of the moment into my eyes.

I stood a passable distance from you. Not for an instant did your gaze break, nor for a moment did the breeze stop flowing. But it was for an eternity that my soul made its transition to the past…

…To the time when we saw each other for the first time, ready to fight. The clash of swords didn’t diminish our smiles at all. Love at first sight was a concept we never knew yet we felt it as strongly as we could.

…To the time when, hand in hand, we walked upon the plains, gazing across the moonlit horizon, assured that we would be by each other’s side for as long as we live.

An assurance that was broken as soon as it was made.

…To the time, when you… left me, for good. An embrace on your part, a tear on my part and our final greetings were said. You never turned back to glance and I stood there as long as I could see you, hands clutching the part where my heart lay, wishing that I could rip it apart.

That was our story. It had ended that night itself, with your departure.

But it didn’t. It was endless, up till now.

Now I’m going to put an end to this tale of love and affection, hurt and betrayal, and finally, sacrifice.

We are facing each other now, as enemies. There can be no leniency now.

I draw my sword. You don’t speak, but your eyes say a thousand words. They are questions, many questions, but you are asking them to someone whom you loved before.

I’m not the same anymore. To your questions I only say one thing in response.

‘”Love is irrelevant in a battle.”

To which you say. “Do you have the courage to raise the sword against me?”

I almost choke at my next statement but say it aloud. “As a warrior, it is my duty,” I recite my oath.

“…to kill my opponent, or be killed myself.”

There is no time for words as our swords clash in what could be termed as the final fight of our lives. There was no telling who will live through this clash.

Move and countermove, each strike of one weapon opposed powerfully by another weapon; the world around us is silent except for the clanging sound of metal and our heaving breaths.

As our blades collide once again we leap back to the same places where we had earlier stood. Gazes meet, swords raised to sky, our lips move to utter the final words…
The following strike may bestow the blessing as well as the curse of demise on whomsoever.

With that, the moment I would never forget till my very last breath culminated, right before my eyes…

…Right before my eyes, you lay impaled by my sword, in my arms. You were favoured by the gods and I was left to pick up pieces of my shattered heart.

There’s nothing I can do, nothing ever to change this moment.

All feelings vanish like the glow in your eyes. It is only emptiness I feel.

In that moment, time stood still. I only wish I could will it back to life.


Needless to say, it's Ashura and Yasha again. Can be read as a stand-alone, though.

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