Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Entwined Hopes - Part I

A final touch, a final whisper, I await…

The breeze blows ever so gently, yet I quiver and tremble as if shaken by a storm.

Fragrance of flowers wafts into the air. The clouds leave their silhouette on the moon, gleaming as if richly adorned with silver.

Whom do I face now, in this exquisite ambiance? I’m lost in the seamless depths of dark eyes. It is almost as if those delicate vines all around are entwining me into eternity…

Eternity it is, for I do not how long I could be lost in that mystical world. The eyes are all I see, not the shadow of the person who approaches me, closer and closer.

Mesmerized by the sheer strength in those eyes, I stand still, offering no resistance.

The gaze loses it fascination, as I finally break away to glance around. This moment, this chance will not return, never.

I am swept into powerful arms, into an overwhelming embrace. The moment I waited for, the moment I longed for is here, but it brings with it a portent.

Tears roll down, breathless gasps shatter the silence. Love of a lifetime is encompassed into this tiny fragment.

A final touch, a final whisper, I await…

The whisper conveys the fate of my life, as a reluctant release leaves me staggering, down on my knees.

“We’ll meet again, only to see who shall craft a new beginning for the other. Demise shall govern each and every turn we make.”

My life is now no more in my hands. Dear, love of my life; it is in your stead from now.
I shall await that day. Your love is what I shall seek, what I shall find. The day you shall set me free…

I will owe my life to that moment. Yes, we shall meet again.


I'm back again. I don't think I was missed though. ^^"

Ah, well, in any case, I'm here to stay and God willing I will have more things to post once my sabbatical properly begins. 

This post, meanwhile, is again to do with my love for anime. It's loosely based on Tsubasa Chronicle and that too on two minor characters Ashura and Yasha (originally from RG Veda
Without a doubt, the four episodes covering the two are amongst my favourite. However it's not fanfiction, by any chance. 

Thoughts, comments, anyone? :)

Oh and before I forget. A very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year to all my readers!


  1. A final touch, a final whisper..I await..
    I love these words.

    While reading through your work, the words easily form images in my mind. It's like a movie :)

    Well written :)
    You have so much to post and yet you ramble about how you have nothing :s

  2. Juhi: I like to post newly written things, and not rehashed stuff. Thank you anyway. :)

    Rahul Bhatia: Thank you for reading.


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