Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh Writing, Why Must You Desert Me?

Yes, yes, I know. I return a month later to show my face and all I have to regale my readers with are...rants, to say the least.

Damn writer’s block. I only wish I could show you the numerous snippets of attempted writing in the past weeks which have not gone beyond a 100 words, mind you.

But, if I’m not mistaken, I’m entitled to use this space to ramble away. It was my main purpose for coming on here!

So, what has this person been up to since the last date of posting, I hear you ask? Oh dear, if only I could go to detail just how school has nearly been the undoing of me (so much for being in the Cabinet/Student Council; which is more like dancing to the tune of a puppeteer, I tell you) or how travelling for competitions has taken the life out of me – and here’s the catch, both of them were proper literary events! One, a pithy little essay-writing competition which was a part of an inter-school event, the topic being (oh kill me) ecological benefits of cycling. So much for creative writing. I still managed the third prize despite my not so cohesive writing.

 Then the other, a Model United Nations debate; this time part of a college fest. Now, world politics is a pet subject of mine and simulating the UN with all its complex procedure and completely formal demeanour is quite challenging and fun too – meant for people like me who love arguing to death, while striking a balance between varied perspectives on matters of international significance. The agenda being? Terrorism and the Israel-Palestine conflict. For those who have even a little inkling of what the latter issue is (it would be too presumptuous on my part to consider even asking about the first one) they will know how extremely complicated it is to try and resolve it like the watchdogs of our world do, that too within a span of two days. And if you’re representing none other than the country of United States of America, you’re in for a disaster – do not ask how. Which I nearly averted with another third prize; talk about 3 being a lucky number. Have you ever heard of a proper U.S. delegate not interfering in any issue whatsoever? Well, you just met one.

And here I had thought I was one of most astute debaters my school could boast of, sigh.

Extra-curricular aside, here come the bone of contention for every student (unless you’re a self-proclaimed geek/nerd). Exams! The rotten thing is, I will resort to writing in the most flowery language possible when I should be preparing for the next day’s paper. Too bad it is not working for me currently, or else you wouldn’t have to go through this sorry excuse for a blog post. This month has been absolutely frenetic and it is going to be so right up till Diwali. Then, of course, the withering rose will bloom again, so much that the thorns will draw blood even at the slightest of touch. For now, this is my situation:

I would gladly like to answer in the affirmative but I'm afraid it's not possible until the writing bug bites me while I'm supposed to be studying Economics and Business Administration. Seems more likely now, eh? The impromptu hiatus is now an official one, folks. See you around the corner. :)


  1. Rose,

    Do keep in mind that studies take foremost priority and then come the school activities. When you take a short break from those to relax, then this space comes in handy. Congratulations on winning prizes and I am sure with little more effort you should reach top position too. I used to participate in declamation and debates during my school days winning first prize 90% of times with rest second.

    Take care

  2. Agree with Jack whole-heartedly on this one....Studies first...:-) And yep,read a couple of your posts...u got some talent...hope to see more from u...:-)

  3. Still, you have very productive times. I loved your writing style.

  4. @Jack: Thank you for your concern but yes I will not desert my studies, not just yet. :)

    @Rahul: Thank you for dropping by, I'm glad you liked my blog. :)

    @Shazoor Mirza: Productive, eh? Thank you for reading. :)


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