Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flight Of Dreams

How I wish I could fly...
Fragile wings swept away by winds,
Clouds hinder my vision,
The sky beyond is unreachable,
Nestling among trees I seek my shelter,
Against the storms and rains...
I’m not the only one, yet I feel secluded.
The journey ahead is to be made alone,
If only I could ask, if ever allowed
Affection in abundance...tender and soft,
Faith in plenty, will to thrive,
So I may stride ahead, soaring through life,
Only to return to the place where I was;
But with a difference; I see myself in the mirror,
As someone recognizable; I’m my own friend.
That is all I strive for, the vision beheld
Now rises in full glory; only to be a reality
The fragrance of hopes sways me away,
As I walk on, ahead and ahead to see...
Dreams being fulfilled.

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